‘Inlaws’ offer Levixone daughter too as mom’s dangerous sub – “He’ll eat both”

Singer Levixone was reportedly introduced by bummy singer Desire Luzinda of the ‘Ekitone’ fame.

Netizens were left bemused, they couldn’t tell whether to believe the news or not – it caught them by surprise. According to them, the couple if it’s real is a complete mismatch.

Online inlaws were quick to judge the couple, predicting that it will end in premium tears.

Desire Luzinda has an eighteen year old cute daughter, Michelle Kaddu who has grown into a beautiful young woman.

Michelle Kaddu
Michelle Kaddu: As cute as a princess
‘Turn the Replay’ hitmaker Levixone

The online ‘inlaws’ now have a suggestion that the youthful hit maker should have atleast chosen Michelle, not her ageing mother who will be making forty soon.

Desire Luzinda is her daughter’s best friend
Mom and daughter moments: Michelle and Desire Luzinda share some special kind of love
Together always: Michelle Kaddu and Desire Luzinda
Desire has always been present in her daughter’s journey
Mother and daughter looking so beautiful and lovely

Some horny men already have an idea: “He should just ‘eat’ both.” You know that idea of buy one and get one free?

A number of men really agree that he wants to eat both. That he was interested in the daughter, but getting closest to her was through her mother.

Meanwhile, a few share the opinion that: “He should just take the daughter and leave the mom.”

It’s not even that Desire is way older than Levixone, both are actually in their thirties. She is in her very late thirties, and he’s 33, means their age difference is just less than seven.

However, some people insist that Desire, because of her ‘solid’ history is not the ideal woman for a young man of God like him.

She’s a veteran! When it comes to relationships, Desire should by now be a consultant.

She has in the past dated arrogant self styled Masaka tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa, after the late Kampala Mayor Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala, tycoon Jack Pemba and long serving government official Juma Seiko.

She was also once in love with John Kaddu – the father to her stunning daughter, Mitchelle Kaddu.

Besides her good music, Desire is always remembered for exposing her ‘Kitone’ that her ex Nigerian boyfriend leaked after they fell out with each other.

For those who keep judging the curvey singer upto now, I guess little do they know that she is now a changed woman who turned to Jesus.

She now spends most of her time preaching the gospel, and that’s how she probably got in touch with the gospel singer.

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