Joseph Mayanja Dumps His Stage Name Jose Chameleone

Singer and hopeful Kampala Lord Mayor Joseph Mayanja has legally dumped his stage name Chameleone and declared he will be hence forth referred to as Mayanja Joseph.

Mayanja who is hoping to become Kampala’s Lord Mayor made the decree through a deed poll in which he renounced his stage name yesterday August 7, 2020.

“I Mayanja Joseph formerly known as Mayanja Joseph Chameleone, a citizen of Uganda do hereby absolutely renounce and abandon the use of my former name of Mayanja Joseph Chameleone and l therefore, assume as from the day hereof my new name Mayanja Joseph.”

By the deed poll, Mayanja declared that he shall at all times in records going forward sign transactions, deeds and instruments under his new name.

“And I hereby authorize and request all persons to designate and address me by the name of Mayanja Joseph. he said.

This simply means that, the chameleone that we all knew is now legally known as Mayanja Joseph and therefore if one happens to talk about Chameleone, he/she will definitely be taking about a different person.

This comes few days after the musician turned politician dumped his party membership in Democratic party and crossed over to Bobiwine’s NUP in a bid to look for the wining team that can lead him to champion the lord mayorship of Kampala in the forthcoming general elections.

Chameleon’s deed poll also comes few days after the National Unity Platform ardent supporter and journalist Innocent Tegusulwa renounced his original name Ahimbisibwe and took on Tegusulwa as his future and legal name.

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