Chosen Becky Warns Slay Queens To Stay Away From Her Hubby

Rebecca Kwikiriza alias Chosen Becky has furiously come out and lashed at Ugandan slay queens who play around with the apple of her eye known as Dictator Amir.

The soft voice singer this time sounded rude to boyfriend grabbers whom she warned that if they want peace with her, they should forcefully stay away from her hubby because they don’t know the hardships she has gone through with him.

“I’m very serious on this, whoever has been playing around with the father of my child, should forcefully stay away from him. Am willing to do all it takes to protect my husband because i know the hardships i have passed through with him.

Chosen Becky also revealed that she is sticky on her boyfriend because of the love she is being showed, which is the meaning of the true love she was always dreaming about.

“You showed me the meaning of true love, you fought for me, cried for my love, stood with me always, and loved me than your own family. I remember when mummy in law told me I took her son away from her, thanks for loving me my Amir” Chosen praised hubby.

She added “Many have tried to separate us but you never gave up on me. However, if I ever get any slay queen with my husband, I swear I will fight for sure. In fact, I beg you all slay queens to stay away from baby boy please. Never ever disturb our relationship because he is all I need in this world,” Chozen Becky warned.

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