Kenzo confesses undying love for Bobi after being roasted on social media

Edrisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo has come out to clear the air about the recorded phone call that left many Ugandans speechless, especially supporters of fellow musician turned politician, Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine.

Kenzo in a Facebook Live video yesterday, stated that the recorded conversation was not an interview but a conversation he was having with a friend, who betrayed him by leaking the conversation.

In the recorded phone call that was leaked to social media on Sunday evening, Kenzo accused Bobi Wine of not supporting him or picking his phone calls and disrespecting fellow artists like Chameleone after Bobi Wine rejected endorsing him in his new National Unity Platform (NUP) political party. He also said he was going to support President Museveni after Bobi Wine did nothing for him. The call left many people shocked and angry with the singer.

However, in the Facebook Live video, Kenzo explained he made the call when he was not in a good state and he said things about Bobi Wine which he did not really mean.

“I am a Bobi Wine diehard. I respect him so much and he too knows that but we just have different ideologies when it comes to some things,” he stated.

He explained that he has no issue with Kyagulanyi Sentamu the politician but rather with Bobi Wine the musician.

“Bobi Wine has refused to respect and uphold fellow musicians. Because I am short-tempered, I admit I was extreme with my words but I was trying to put across a point about how musicians are not given the same respect and recognition they deserve.”

Kenzo added, “I will not follow people around like they are Buddhas. Just like there are things I don’t agree with when it comes to President Museveni, the same applies to Bobi Wine, and just like there are ideologies of Bobi Wine that I believe in, President Museveni too has his good side,” he said.

Kenzo also said that he speaks what is on his mind for his own benefit, not for anyone else’s. He is not trying to represent anyone with what he says but he is, however, trying to fight for what he believes is right.

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