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How I felt when she dumped me because of being broke & now I’m her boyfriend’s employer

Last week, we received a story from one of our readers who wanted an advice on her love life.

Jane (not real names) dumped Samuel 5 years ago because of his financial status and moved on with a man she thought had money and was already driving.

Our team got deep into this story and managed to locate Samuel.

Samuel told us a more shocking story than we expected.


My name is Samuel, and I would prefer to keep the other name a secret for security reasons.

I met Jane way back in 2009 (it was around January) and we went on to date for about 5 years.

Our love journey was so sweet and I must say that we enjoyed our being together. Things started to change in 2013 when she started acting strange.

She started telling me weird things that I never expected to hear from her since we have known ourselves for a while.

I had a job but I was just earning around 150,000/- per month. I had expenses at home to take care of including rent and food. She also had a job and I felt like for now, I am relieved until I get a good paying job.

She never used to demand for any money, the day she asks for money, that day, she really doesn’t have so I would sacrifice and give her the little I have.

Things went on until maybe she got a clique of her friends who were dating rich dudes. She changed drastically.

One day, she sent me a WhatsApp message that everything we had is done and dusted, I was shocked and confused. I thought it was a joke, I tried responding but it was late because she had blocked me and blacklisted all my numbers. I used a friend’s phone but the moment she had my voice, she blacklisted that number as well.

One day, I invited a friend of mine to escort me to her place, on reaching, she hesitated to come out but later accepted to get out.

(Crying) I knelt down begging her to forgive me but she refused! She only told me that she would she would come home and we talk. When she told me so, my heart started to beat faster with hope that everything is now okay.

When I reached home, she texted me to forget about everything.

My life wasn’t the same for the next 5 months and I learnt a lesson.

I said if we are meant to be together then she will come back but I won’t beg anymore.

To cut the story short, I took the advantage of the connections I had with some of the people my boss used to introduce me to. I got a big opportunity to work with Ruparelia group and that was the start of joy.

Recently, I started my own business and I am confident to say that its now growing big.

I advertised for several positions and recruited some people.

I really didn’t know that one of them was her boyfriend, I saw her on Friday around my office and we even had a simple chat but she was shocked to see me.

The only word I told her is that you’re impatient.

But the fact is, I can never take her back. I would only take her back if this world becomes for only I and her (When everyone dies).

I just wish her the best and that’s all.

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