Minister Anite wanted for flouting COVID-19 control guidelines

State Minister for Investment Evelyne Anite is wanted by police for flouting COVID-19 health safety guidelines. The charges stem from a procession held in Koboko district on Saturday, where supporters in multitudes took to the streets to celebrate a donation of an ambulance to Koboko municipality.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga says that Anite and other politicians abused all the guidelines set by the electoral commission, risking the lives of Ugandans in Koboko Municipality and also presented an ugly image as a leader to other Ugandans.

Enanga added that although several politicians from different parts of the country conducted similar political activities, Anite’s case was outstanding. Similar crowds were seen in Sheema municipality, where Dickson Kateshumbwa, one of the aspirants has also been summoned for disregarding all guidelines issued to ensure that the disease, which spreads through person to person contact, does not spread in the communities.

Enanga says that Anite will equally be charged for participating in a negligent act which is likely to spread an infectious disease and disobedience of lawful orders.

Meanwhile, Enanga says that police have summoned all Regional and divisional police commanders from areas of Mbale, Bulambuli, Napak, Hoima, Kampala, Mbarara, Sheema, Koboko and Mitooma among others to explain to their bosses why they failed to enforce the covid-19 guidelines.

He added that all police commanders in the country have orders not to be lenient with any politician from any political grouping to violate the COVID-19 guidelines because one of their prime duties as police is to protect people’s lives from threats like COVID-19.


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