Kidondgole Health Centre III midwives struggling to deliver expectant mothers using phone lights

By George Emuron

The midwives in Kidongole health center III in Kidongole sub county in Bukedea district are struggling to use their phones to provide light to the delivering mothers at night.

The struggle has allegedly lasted for over two months after the series of the solar batteries which was installed at the facility by Baylor Uganda got damaged.

Martha Aiyi, one of the midwives, said that this nightmare has started when the three batteries from solar system started to rot.

Aiyi said the connection of the batteries was on a six series connection which consists of six batteries but when the three started fumigating and making noise at the facility, the whole system stopped working.

“We are in danger as workers together with the patients, these batteries during day time when the sun is hot shining, they make a lot of noise and fumigate, so we are worried of any fire outbreak at the facility, we reported the matter to the in charge but they have never given us an update,” said Aiyi.

Aiyi added that the night duties are the heaviest burden they face since the facility is dark, they always use phones as light providers as they handle mothers who give birth at night.

According to the expected mothers when interviewed said the midwife always tasks them to buy small toughs as a second provision to support the light from the midwife phone.

Jenifer Amoding, one of the expectant mothers said she is worried to give birth in darkness. She alludes her fears to mothers who fail to push and require enlargements. She says that there is no way the midwife can carry on it easily.

“We appeal to the government to rescue us, delivering in the facility which is dark is not safe for our lives, rescue us by either replacing the solar batteries or connect power to the maternity”, said expected mothers.

Samuel Okurut the chairperson local council three of Kidongole when reached confirmed the this and said the council forwarded the matter to the district authorities but since they reported the matter, there is no response till now.

“This project of solar light was installed by Baylor which later was handed over to Taso , so it’s the duties of the district authorities to act upon it,” said Okurut.

Peter Okira the public relation officer Taso said the facilities which had problems on light those who were reported, have been inspected but for the case of Kidongole health center III, the matter has not yet been reported.

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