Musicians Won’t Front your Campaigns for Free-Ykee Benda Assures Politicians

Ugandan musicians under their umbrella Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) have revealed that they won’t follow politicians in their campaign trails for free.

Speaking while launching ‘Londa Dembe’ song which loosely translates to ‘I choose peace,’singer Ycliff Tugume alias Ykee Benda assured politicians that though the song advocate for peaceful campaigns and smooth electoral process in the forthcoming elections, musicians won’t be part of the campaign trails for free.

Ykee Benda with Phina Mugerwa,Frank Rusa and others during the launch of the ‘Londa Dembe’ song launch held Thursday at Kati Kati Restaurant in Kampala.

“The song we are launching today means alot and is meant to spread the good news of peace to all Ugandans especially during elections,no one should loose life as a result of elections.the song is meant to reach out to every Ugandan but that does not mean that I have to follow these politicians and perform at their campaigns.

My performance should be paid for,no matter which party I support.”

Ykee Benda rallied Ugandans most especially the youth to choose peace since they are the most affected during campaigns and elections.

“This is what Uganda needed (Peace) and now needs it more than ever before.And to my fellow youth,let these political affiliations divide us.

Everyone has a constitutional right to belong to any party of their choice and most importantly a right to vote.but at what cost do we do it?

Remember you can go far alone but you can go to the end together,we need each other.”

Singer Phina Mugerwa alias Ugandan Shakira,who doubles as the Secretary General of UMA thanked politicians for recognizing and choosing musicians as the peace ambassadors since they do spread messages faster through their songs.

“I am very great ful on behalf of my fellow musicians that for the very first time we have been recognized. As you all know, musicians are the best influencers and we can do better in spreading the gospel of peace through our music.

Musicians are the best teachers, lectures and influencers of good causes because our music moves faster and in seconds, it’s allover the whole country.”

Mugerwa cautioned young people to reduce on the excitement about the whole elections thing.

“Young people are over excited about these campaigns and elections,how I wish they could reduce on their excitement about this whole thing.

I choose peace and I implore you too to do the same.Elections come and go but life is here to be lived,no one should die as a result of campaigns or elections.

There is life after elections,your kids,parents and family still need you, so, violence should not in any way we our thing.”

The ‘I choose Peace’ track is aimed at spreading the message of peace all-over the Country for everyone to observe peace during the forthcoming 2021 elections.

Frank Rusa, Country Director Netherlands Institute for Multi-party Democracy said that, “we are going to choose Peace for ourselves because if every individual does so,then it will be peace we get.”

The inniative is supported by Inter-Party Organisation for Dialogue (IPOD),Fire Works Agency and NIMD among others.

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