‘Lwasa video’ – He first made it wet and entered smoothly without standing

There’s a video making rounds online where a woman recorded on phone a light skinned elderly man making love to her.

The man is elderly, but drills like a pro; he navigated her like a veteran pornstar would – he first made it wet with his tongue before entering smoothly, without even having to stand or awaken his fallen soldier.

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That’s their business because they all look like adults, and the man looks like self styled Masaka tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa.

The general appearance of the man in the video is so much like that of Lwasa, only that his machine appears slightly taller and bigger, unlike what we saw in Lwasa’s debut video.

The video came on the last day of the month when Netizens had almost given up thinking they won’t get any in June.

Lwasa video

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