Self Proclaimed Socialite Kavuma to suffer in Prison for 13 years over Fraud

Last Month, Buganda Road Magistrates Marion Mangei and Siena Owomugisha convicted and sentenced faded city socialite Honest Kavuma alias Champagne Papi to 13 years in prison over fraud related crimes.

According to court documents, Kavuma was charged with 60 offences of fraud, money laundering, forgery, obtaining money by false pretense as listed bellow;

The Charges
These are the offenses in Charge sheet which Kavuma was convicted for after he Pleaded guilty:

One (1) Count of Electronic Fraud C/S 19 of the Computer Misuse Act 2011.

Seventeen (17) Counts of Forgery C/S 342,345(a) and 347 of the Penal Code Act as Amended

Seventeen (17) Counts of Uttering False Documents C/S 351 of the Penal Code Act as amended

Twelve (12) counts of Obtaining Money By False Pretense C/S 305 of the Penal Code Act as amended

One(1) count of Possessing suspected stolen Property C/S 315 of the Penal Code Act

One (1) Count of Personation C/S 381 of the Penal Code Act

Two (2) counts of Obtaining Credit by False Pretense C/S 308 of the Penal Code Act as Amended, among many others.

How a Suspended Sentence was Granted

After pleading guilty and sentenced, Kavuma, through his family members approached the state to find ways of saving him from dyeing in prison as a result of unattended and deteriorating health.

This was after his lawyers warned him that he had a bad case and chances were high that he was going to rot in jail.

Due to his retaliating health condition in prison, he got a suspended sentence. Should Kavuma try to do any fraudulent act, he goes back to jail and start serving his awaiting sentence.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time, Kavuma Honest has been involved in Fraud, about 10 years ago, Kavuma who was staying in Finland conned money from colleagues and disappeared back to Uganda.

In 2017, Kavuma defrauded Nigerian businessman, Jay Florin Adebayo, Director of Citi Commodities $193m.

In January 2022, Kavuma was placed on Uganda Police Force’s wanted list after a two years’ accommodation debt of amounting to Shs.170 million.

He allegedly escaped without clearing his bill of USD48,000 (Ugx 170, 253,504) that accumulated through accommodation and food at Speke apartments.

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