‘Mad’ man slaps Minister in Church – he refused to turn the other cheek

Police in Amuria are investigating circumstances under which a 39 year old man identified as Okurut Micheal assaulted the minister of state for works and Transport Musa Ecweru during a church service.

While contacted to comment on the matter, Mr Ecweru described the suspect as mentally ill.

According to a witness, as compiled by Police, while attending a Sunday service at St. Micheal Catholic church, Micheal came to the Altar disguising to be seeking a blessing.

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“He (Michael) quietly entered the church building and walked to the altar where he made the sign of the cross before he approached the unsuspecting minister who was busy giving a speech to the congregation.”

“He walked to the minister and whispered something before he slapped the minister hard on the ear, sending shockwaves into the congregation.”
“He attempted to slap the minister for the second time but he blocked his hand before his escorts who were waiting from outside rushed into the church and subdued him (Okuru).”

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According to East Kyoga Police spokesman Ageca Oscar Gregg the suspect is currently held at Amuria police station as more investigations into the matter are ongoing.

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