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Man fakes sickness to dump fiancée following expensive wedding bill

Nigerian man, Nwoke Agulu with Twitter handle @OkoyeCardinal on Monday, narrated how he creatively dumped his fiancée after seeing an expensive wedding bill.

Nwoke said he ran for his life when the lady told him that he would have to spend 4m Naira (about UgShs38 m) for their wedding ceremony. According to him, to make matters worse, the lady said he would have to first deposit 1m Naira ( about Ugshs9 m) amount in her account for the expenses.

“I once dated this girl, she told me that we will do a 4M Naira wedding, I will deposit 1m in her account for wedding expenses and also she will sell asoebi cloth,” he revealed on Twitter.

To avoid marrying this lady, the Nigerian man said he had to go to the hospital and forge a medical report that says he is AS, knowing that the lady also has the same genotype. On seeing the report and knowing a marriage between two AS people is unadvisable by medical doctors, they both cried and broke up.

“To cut the story short, I went to hospital and forged medical report that I am AS because she is AS. she cried, I cried, we move,” he further revealed on the tweet.

This caused mixed reaction among twitter handlers who came across his tweet with some in support of him not pulling through with the wedding preparations.

One tweep wrote, “It’s a lot of money.  Making such demands when they should be planning on how they will make a family is a big scam form this woman.”

Another added, “Its high time women start to contribute towards the wedding, after all it is for the benefit of both parties.”

“You are right brother, marrying her doesn’t mean you become a multi-million project financer, let her marry herself.”

Others believe that he should have talked to the lady instead of lying to her.

“You could have told her you couldn’t afford it. 4 million naira isn’t too much for a wedding. You are not for her, simple I am sure she will find hers. Rubbish,” one user commented.

“In the first place, you don’t have N4m anywhere cos people who have it won’t have to lie to break up. Surely, you don’t love her. Otherwise, you would have told her what your budget is. You acted like those company drivers who deceive woman that Oga’s car is his,” another added.

“Why didn’t you just simply tell her it was too exorbitant for a wedding rather than lie…beside for a babe to be presenting that kind of bill, I am suspecting you made her believe your house and street are paved with gold,” another commented.

Someone pointed out the fact that going for a forged document was in itself a criminal act.

“It’s all jokes & fun, but broh you just admitted publicly to forgery, criminal medical records falsification. This is particularly not funny to me because whoever gave you that report is the reason medical statements made in Nigeria by professionals are not taken seriously. Sad,” he commented.

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