Martha Kay’s ex-boyfriend humiliates her again!

Known for her undying love for Range Rovers, Martha Kay has vowed to work hard to one day own her own Range Rover. This is after her ex-boyfriend embarrassed her at Acacia Mall when he grabbed the car keys of his Range Rover and drove off.

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This, Martha Kay revealed during a Q&A session on YouTube, was after she was found driving around with her “guy friend.”

“He found me at the Acacia parking seated in the car (Range Rover) with my guy friend and told me to get my things and get out of his car while lamenting on how I carry other guys in his car,” Martha Kay revealed.

The shocked Martha Kay was left stranded in the parking as the owner of the car drove off with the car leaving her there. She vowed to work hard and buy herself a dream car (Range Rover).

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Martha Kay also said she once dated a man for a couple of months and when the relationship ended, the man asked her to refund all the money he had spent on her during the time they were dating.

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