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Military Aircraft Crashes, Operators Perish!

Few days after a crash of two Uganda’s Military choppers one in Somali and another in Entebbe, a Nigerian military aircraft named King Air 350 has also crashed at the Abuja airport, minister of aviation Hadi Sirka announced on Sunday, February 21.

The plane, according to the minister of aviation, crash-landed after experiencing an engine failure on way to Minna, Niger state.

Sirka said the tragic incident was fatal and there is a possibility of many souls going with the crash. The minister, however, called for calm as Nigerians wait for the outcome of the investigation by the military authorities.

“A military aircraft King Air 350 has just crashed short of our Abuja runway after reporting engine failure en route Minna. “It appears to be fatal. We should remain calm & wait for the outcome of the investigation by the military, while we pray for the departed soul/souls if any,” the minister said in a tweet.

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