Ministry of Education seeks Shs 98 billion to reopen schools

Ministry of education has proposed a budget of 98 billion to help in reopening of educational institutions which have been closed for over five months due to the Covid- 19 pandemic.

The above money is slated to be used to support all education institutions, both private and public at all levels with the requirements under Special operations procedures

This to ensure the schools provide additional classrooms required to meet the SOPs, latrines, desks and provide salaries for all additional teachers and support staff including schools nurses.

Meanwhile, the Director of Basic Education Ismail Mulindwa who heads the Ministry of education Task force says the amount is not attainable given the current situation in the country.

He however says they have proposed the second alternative that requires Shs1.7bn for only candidate classes and final year students in higher institutions of learning to benefit only government schools.

Mulindwa says this is just a proposal and consultations with key stakeholders are still ongoing before a final report to the government is made.

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