MPs want some sectors of the economy still under lock down re-opened

Members of Parliament want some sectors of the economy still under lock down to re-open.

They argue that the sectors are prepared to meet the standard operating procedures and adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines.

Ever since the economy was locked in March 2020, some sectors have remained closed like schools, places of worship, sports and sell of non-food items among others.

The matter was raised by Kenneth Lubogo, the MP Bulamogi County during the plenary. He said that places of worship can observe COVID-19 guidelines like other sectors that have been re-opened.

He says President Museveni has left the country in suspense after he indicated that a study will be done with a possibility of opening churches and other places be done.

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga questioned when businesses that include non-food and Cinemas will resume.

The Government Chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa says that there is pressure to have sectors opened. She adds that she will remind the President about the concerns raised.

Nankabirwa also says that the Health Ministry will look at the possible Standard operating procedures for areas that have not yet been opened up.

She hopes that the President will address the country soon on the remaining sectors of the economy.


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