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My manhood never rose to the occasion when having sex outside our marriage, my wife had spells from Dr Mugwenu

Being unfaithful in a marriage or any relationship at times is an absurd thing. In most cases it tends to be a menace when your partner discovers that you have been playing them. This can even lead to fights and misunderstanding in marriage. This is a true experience that I once had. My name is Roger from Mombasa County. We had been living with my dear wife for 4 years in marriage. As days went by, ladies and both young and old had been flocking to my various channels of social media.

Due to this I found myself having conversations with these ladies where we even had dates in big hotels. Most of the times I spent a lot of money with these ladies since I had the chance to chose a variety at that particular time. The problem was that each time we went to a hotel room to have sex, my manhood would not rise to the occasion. At some point I even concluded that someone had bewitched me. I even tried to use the sex enhancing pills at least to meet the ladies sexual payback but nothing was really happening.

What shocked me is that each time we had sex with my wife, my manhood was just normal as usual. At some point I even chose another lady just to test if things would change while having sex. My manhood still would not rise to the occasion. At this point I even started concluding maybe my wife had done some spells to inhibit me from having sex with another person. Since I had been knowing Dr Mugwenu for a long time, I contacted him to get his final word. He invited me at his offices and after a week I was there.

Surprisingly Dr Mugwenu told me that my wife was his client and so it was really a difficult task to change the situation. He told me the only way to change was consultation with my wife and which I would not allow. Dr Mugwenu spells had been inhibiting me from having sex with other women outside my marriage. Dr Mugwenu refused to change the situation since his spell casting principles does not allow such a case to happen just to haunt one person. Since then I have been loyal to my wife. We have been living happily with my wife as trustworthiness and loyalty are the basic principles of our marriage at any particular time with the help of Dr Mugwenu.

Many others who have been assisted by Dr Mugwenu lamented they have received powerful healing and are now happily living to their life expectations. Good work to Dr Mugwenu.

Just like medical personnel, Dr Mugwenu does a diagnosis to his people by asking few questions for clear understanding of clients’ problems i.e. their area of trouble. He solves life challenges such as love issues, family problems, and hardship in businesses, increase your luck, winning lottery and winning of court cases. For consultations call +254740637248 Read more

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