My Toyota Corolla was stolen at Nairobi on Christmas day, after a day I did this to get it back

I am Nixon from Nairobi County. On Christmas day I decided to take my family at Uhuru Park for them to at least to enjoy their moments as the year had been a tough one. The place was parked to the brim and so we really struggled to get a parking space. After all we had one and I parked my vehicle. We enjoyed the day especially my three children. At exactly 2 pm my wife told me we should leave the place so as to avoid the daily traffic jam keeping in mind it was Christmas day and everybody was in town.

When we arrived at the parking space, I was shocked since I was not seeing my vehicle. It was actually missing. Someone had stolen. All the day celebrations and mood was destroyed but that situation. I went to Kamkunji police station to report the case but the police boss told me I was such a careless person keeping in mind it was festive season hence I was the one to take care of my belonging. This words alone made me a worried person keeping in mind the police were to take care of everyone’s security at that particular time.


We went back home but the day was not a good one keeping in mind my vehicle was missing at that particular moment. That night I completely lost my appetite I as I was only thinking of the way to get back my vehicle. I only saw vehicles being stolen in movies and at that particular time I was the one in the reality movie. Since the police had behaved so rogue, I had to look for a solution before my vehicle was to be damaged or even sold where it was. Through the website www.mugwenudoctors.com I found a certain herbalist who had been assisting a lot of people get back their stolen items including vehicles just like my case.

I contacted Dr Mugwenu and he invited me at his offices. I told him everything and he casted the return property spell which he said it would bring back my stolen vehicle. Dr Mugwenu said he had helped a lot of people of the similar case and they got back their stolen property. He said that he had locked the vehicle where it was and I was to get find it just within two days.

After two days, I received a phone call that a Toyota Corolla red vehicle had been found by the police as it had been abandoned in a bush in Naivasha. I was so much pleased with Dr Mugwenu work. Long live Dr Mugwenu for I finally got back my vehicle. It was in the condition I left it before it was stolen.

Many others who have been assisted by Dr Mugwenu lamented they have received powerful healing and are now happily living to their life expectations. Good work to Dr Mugwenu.

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