My son faked a kidnapping story, we spent a lot of money but after visiting this man, we found him

Every parent is usually afraid to lose their child in any way. This is due to the strong ties between the involved persons. My name is Fridah from Meru. Our only child and our son were studying at a certain university in Eastern Kenya. Each time we would escort him to the institution with my hubby presence. At some point we decided not to escort him and we did the required things like doing some shopping for him. We parted ways at the bus stop in Meru town. As usual he used to call back to confirm he had reached at school.

We waited after some hours but he never informed us he had arrived. 12pm midnight a strange number called us. I told my hubby maybe he was the one calling with a different number and maybe his phone was out of power at that particular time. On receiving the phone, a voice of lady said that they had kidnapped our son and they required a certain amount of money to leave him alone. We never wasted time but contacted the police maybe we thought they would have a helping hand in this case.

After two days, the police kept on saying their usual cliché they were after the culprits responsible for our sons kidnapping. We were really worried parents as losing our only child to such rogue people was a situation we never wanted. The culprits kept on calling that they were somewhere in Kisumu and they required 2million shillings to let him leave. We even thought of having some loan from various lenders to ensure our son’s life was safe. As days went by, the kidnappers continued changing their phone numbers. My hubby had sent them 100,000 shillings but they kept insisting that 2million was there final amount.

After sometime, our family friend told us that there was an herbalist called Dr Mugwenu who was able to locate where our son was. We saw this as a joke of the century. Since we wanted our son back, we contacted this spell caster and he invited us at his offices ready for assistance. He casted the binding spells to reunite us back with our beloved child. Dr Mugwenu said that after three days we will have found our son safe and unharmed.

After three days after we had gone to walk in Chuka, we saw a similar face of our son doing some shopping in a supermarket. We keenly followed him as he entered an expensive rental apartment. When we opened the door we met him living lavishly in the house. He had forged a kidnapping story hence the money he got from us he used to live a lavish life. Thanks to Dr Mugwenu as our son later apologized for his rogue behavior.

Many others who have been assisted by Dr Mugwenu lamented they have received powerful healing and are now happily living to their life expectations. Good work to Dr Mugwenu.

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