NRM CEC Reconciliation Team Fails to Reconcile Ngora Aspirants

The recently instituted National Ruling NRM Party Central Executive Committee reconciliation team that’s currently conducting its reconciliation meeting in Teso Sub Region has failed to reconcile the Ngora District NRM aspirants due to lack of proper coordination and intrigue from the District Party leadership.

According to President Yoweri Museveni, who doubles as the NRM National chairman, each of the 47 cadres has been given not less than three districts to camp in and chair reconciliation meetings aimed at convincing members who have been nominated as Independent candidates to withdraw and support the flag bearers.

This is quite a different case in Ngora as all contenders who had gotten nominated to run as independent, were not invited for the meeting.

These include the State Minister for Teso affairs who is currently vying for Kapir County MP under independent, David Abala for Ngora County and Odongo Mike L’Asio for Ngora District LCV chairperson.

Abala and Akiror were not invited and when they tried to access in, they were blocked from stepping foot in the venue.

However, the meeting went fruitless as most of the people who were inside decried the party’s decision to lock out those aggrieved members of the Party.

Speaking to Kampala Sqoop, John Michael Okello the Ngora District NRM chairperson arrogantly said he decided not to invite Abala and Akiror because they are no longer members of the party.

This was against Museveni’s directive that the reconciliation approach will help those members of the party nominated as Independent candidates to withdraw and support the flag bearers.

Okello revealed that there was no way he was going to invite the errant people to come and attend the meeting.

On the contrary,Ambrose Onoria,the Ngora District RDC Ambrose Onoriad disagreed with Okello’s decision saying the circular from the President was that all members of the party would be allowed to access the meeting.

Onoria addes that, “in other districts, even those nominated as Independent candidates were allowed to attend the reconciliation meeting.”

While speaking to our reporter, Minister Akiror however wondered what kind of leadership NRM in Ngora was showing to the whole country.

Akiror said the meeting that was conducted wasn’t for reconciliation but rather to further divide the NRM members in the district.

The Minister however,wants President Museveni to intervene or else the mess in Ngora will divide his 2021 vote.

Our efforts for a comment from Roger Mulindwa who is handling Teso district went futile as he refused to disclose to the press why the Ngora independents were denied access to the reconciliation meeting.

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