Sudhir Forces Manager Betsy out of Sanyu FM

It’s been quite a couple of months now since the Sanyu FM staff striked over salary pay cut of 25 percent.

The incident incited Shudir to dismiss and relieve them off their duties at the station as he maintained that the ring leader will suffer the consequences the more.

Well, the tycoon did not touch Mugamba all that long but we have reliably been informed that she too has been fired from the station with believe that she was the one who led the strike.

Apart from headlining the strike,Shudir also accuses Mugamba of embezzling his money for years.

Shudir said he has been aware of what Mugamba has been doing but has been quiet about it not until led led such a strike.

“I will never forget the day Betsy’s group stole my social media platforms and from that day I have been looking for this ring Leader of this strike.

Shudir sacked almost the entire staff bof Sanyu FM over a sit-down strike where they were opposing their salary cut.

This resulted into popular figures like Fat boy real name Onen to open up his own radio station and from the look of things,he is currently enjoying his new job and reaping big from his radio business.

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