NRM Secretary General Kasule Lumumba Tests Positive for COVID-19

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba has tested positive for COVID-19 pandemic after seven days of self-isolation.

This has been disclosed by the party national treasurer Rose Namayanja-Nsereko at the party’s 15th press briefing since the presidential campaigns kicked off in November this year.

Every Sunday, the party addresses the media on the progress of its Presidential candidate and incumbent President Yoweri Museveni’s campaign trial on his bid to retain power.

“Our party Secretary General has tested positive for COVID-19 Pandemic and but she is stable with no serious symptoms. The party business however will go on uninterrupted despite her physical absence from office,” Namayanja said.

She added, “I, therefore, appeal to politicians across the divide to carry out periodic tests on COVID-19 and open up if found positive to save there would be contacts from being victimised by their silence.”

Official records from the Ministry of Health indicate that Uganda has so far registered 22,188 positive cases with 206 deaths while 9,117 had recovered.

Namayanja also revealed that the party’s village based strategy campaigns have since kicked off.

“Our role out of the village based strategy is moving on well.  We have already distributed the necessary logistics to our mobilisers to ensure that the village meetings are conducted as planned,” she said.

Asked whether the village meetings will be effective for the party, Namayanja said, “It is not by accident that we chose a village based strategy.  NRM is the architect of ‘Kakuyege’ literally meaning grass root campaigns.”

Namayanja also revealed that on Monday (December 7, 2020), President Museveni starts his campaigns in Western Uganda after completion of the Northern and Eastern Uganda.

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