NUP Asks Ugandans To Raise Shs1.1trillion For Bobi Wine’s Presidential Campaigns

Kyadondo East legislator and presidential hopeful Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine’s party, the National Unity Platform (NUP) has launched a fundraising drive to raise up to 1.1 trillion shillings.

In a press conference held at the party headquarters in Kamwokya, the party with delegations of aspirants at different elective levels showed financial solidarity for the campaign dubbed ‘Muda ku muda’ a street slang which translates UGX 10,000 which will be the minimum deposit that will be transacted to the NUP official coffers.

The secretary of the party treasury, Aisha Kabanda said they are targeting UGX 1 trillion from about 12 million Ugandans.

“We all know the struggle against the regime needs a lot of resources to be able to reach out to our voters and convince them to vote for us. Unlike those who are in power that are going to use tax payers’ money, for us we have to reach out to change loving Ugandans to make a contribution,” Kabanda said.

“No amount of money is little and no amount of money is enough. You can also contribute in-kind, through service, fuel, among others,” Kabanda said.

She said the money would also be used to run party activities and support party members and supporters in different ways.

“Many of our colleagues have been arrested and bailed at exorbitant rates set by the government, lawyers also need to travel here and there to meet with our arrested colleagues. We need a lot of branding, fuel for mobilization among others. The scientific campaign needs a lot of money,” she said.

“We, therefore, must spend from us to build a foundation for our own future, raising the money we need to defeat NRM is not rocket science but just a commitment from us.”

“We assume that if only 1 million Ugandans contribute 500,000 and another 1 million contribute 300,000 and another 1 million contribute 100,000 and the rest of us contribute Shs10,000, then we shall raise 1.17trillion,” she said.

According to Kabanda, every penny will be put in the use it is meant for.

“We shall be transparent, rigorous in accounting, frugal in spending buy considering the welfare of our party taskforce and foot soldiers we have in the field.

Speaking at the same function, Bobi Wine said people are joining the NUP with different intentions rather than the primary cause of the struggle.

He urged for vigilance within the party and at the same time commissioned the fundraising.

“I want to ask all of you here and abroad to be part of this fundraising. We do not have the money but we have the reason. We shall need money, fuel, posters, food and we do not have because all our businesses have been blocked,” Bobi Wine said.

“We want to use the love and support that we have from you, you can start with what you have. W have many patriotic Ugandans who support the struggle, kindly reach out to see that you can help. Those who can offer more, please do what you can do,” he added.

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