VIDEO: God’s Plan finally forgives Sheila Gashumba

City socialite Ali Marcus Lwanga alias God’s Plan has finally given Sheila Gashumba one more chance.

Apparently God’s Plan had dumped Sheila and immediately replaced her with another waterlogged and young looking city babe.

According to insiders it all started when the former Arsenal academy reject sneaked into Sheilah’s phone and landed on her erotic conversation with another city dude. He had no other choice but move on.

However, like Shaggy sung; ‘Strength of a woman’, Sheilah has used all means to get her man back!

It is said that she went on her knees, begging for second chance and luckily enough, her cries softened God’s Plan’s heart and now the pair are back together. Over the weekend, they were spotted together at a house party in Luzira.

At the party, Sheilah was seen entertaining God’s Plan with dances along with other girls.

The two have had differences for some time. They deleted each other’s pictures from their Instagram accounts.

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