NUP throws out Kasese Municipality vetted candidate after being rejected by members  

The Kasese Municipality National Unity Platform (NUP) members in Kasese Municipality rejected the nomination of Ms. Kahindo Amina as the party flag bearer ahead of Sam Baluku who was reportedly on ground doing the donkey work.

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Now the party has responded positively to reinstate Baluku after days of fury from the party members in Kasese.

The majority of the members had vowed to join Mugisha Muntu’s Alliance for National Transformation party if their endeared Baluku was not verified as the legitimate flag bearer.

“Baluku has been a NUP member from day one. He has mobilized for the president. He is the only People Power leader known in the area,” reveals Kahindo Praise, one of the disgruntled NUP members in Kasese.

“Sam has been jailed countless times for NUP. Even last year when the Youth wing leader, Zaake Francis was in Kasese, it was Sam who staged a protest against his arrest,” he adds.

Baluku who coordinates for NUP in Kasese says his efforts to get the flag could have been sabotaged by his political nemesis, Robert Centenary.

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“They wanted NUP to front a less known candidate so that it becomes a walk over for Centenary,” he says.

“He knows who the real headache to his journey to parliament is. He celebrated my rejection from the nomination list. I am now back, thanks to the people who stood with me,” he adds.

According to a privy source close to his opponents, they have been praying that he fails to go through the NUP vetting process since he has a well-established ground already.

The party ticket was given to Ms Kahindo a very unpopular candidate in the constituency.

Sources say that she has never reached out to the People power leadership, at the offices in Kasese municipality.

“Ms Kahindo is said to be sponsored by one of the candidates from other parties to destroy a very strong candidate with well-established grounds that have been built for the last two years,” the source said further.

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