Serere County NUP Committee Rejects Vetted Candidate, says NUP made a wrong choice!

The National Unity Platform (NUP) committee in Serere has rejected the selection of Mukhalu Richard Okodel as the party flag bearer on grounds that they were not consulted.

The committee in a letter dated 30th September 2020 urges that they are ready to work with him because no one bothered to consult them on which candidate can compete favourably in order to bring victory to the Party.

“For the betterment of National Unity Platform Party in Serere, we are here not contented with the candidate that has been presented to us for Member of Parliament because he has no ground. There are several other reasons to be presented to you,” reads the letter in part.

The committee therefore presented to the party electoral committee Hon. OBORE JOEL as ‘a capable candidate’. They contend that he has the ground and he can compete favourably in order to bring victory.

It should also be noted that Obore, also petitioned his party over irregularities during the vetting process.

The youthful Obore contends that he has been alone on the ground for the past 2-3 months but he was shocked to see the vetting committee fronting his colleague, Mukhalu who only went to the ground two days to the vetting date only to put up his posters.

He adds that they were called for a consensus meeting where all the candidates were asked to agree on who becomes a flag bearer. The candidates failed to reach into an agreement prompting the committee to allow them with the campaigning process until the committee comes to the ground to assess which they waited in vain.

In an interview with this reporter, Obore lashed at the committee for not bothering to reach to the ground.

“What beats my mind is that they didn’t bother to reach the ground besides they didn’t even consult the people power committee Serere, where do they base their reasons for coming up with their candidates?” he wondered.

“The whole procedure is not right; they are rather using random method or selfish interests in order to select their candidates. This will surely put a bad image to the party because we aim at winning and you must vet a candidate that you sure will bring victory,” he added.

“If they had may be given us primaries or come to the ground to make some consultation it would sound right.”

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