Serere aspirant petitions NUP electoral commission over ‘poor’ vetting of his opponent

Mr. Obore Joel, one of the Serere County MP aspirants under the National Unity Platform, has petitioned his party over irregularities during the vetting process.

The youthful Obore contends that he has been alone on the ground for the past 2-3 months but he was shocked to see the vetting committee fronting his colleague, Mukhalu Richard Okodel who only went to the ground two days to the vetting date only to put up his posters.

He adds that they were called for a consensus meeting where all the candidates were asked to agree on who becomes a flag bearer. The candidates failed to reach into an agreement prompting the committee to allow them with the campaigning process until the committee comes to the ground to assess which they waited in vain.

He therefore wants the party electoral commission to annul Mukhalu’s candidature because the committee of NUP Serere was not consulted on this matter.

“The lower people who had embraced the party were never consulted as earlier promised during the vetting,” reads the petition in part.

“The committee did not do due diligence to investigate clandestinely on the electability of the said Candidate(s), his past record and disposition as far as Serere politics is concerned.”

“The committee sat in Kampala and anointed their favorite, even the Serere person who works at the head office, Mr. Jimmy Oluka was not consulted.”

“The regional Returning officer for the Teso Sub-Region was not consulted, and the views of the grass root people were never taken into consideration.”

“All views of the different party stake holders are important in arriving at a consensus candidate.”

See full Petition below

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