Buchaman lands into Deep Trouble for Torturing Fellow Musician Rocky Giant

A very disturbing video emerged on social media on Thursday where the legendary rapper Rocky Giant helplessly endured torture at the hands of Presidential Advisor on ghetto Affairs Buchaman.

The video would later create a public uproar with many calling for justice from the authorities for the singer.

Many entertainers had by the end of the day came out with offers that could help restore the troubled rapper to his old days of glory through free music recordings, videos, collabos, and free written music.

It’s however been revealed but the artiste would not end on the help from fellow entertainers alone as a meeting with President Museveni have been reported to be on the cards.

We have since established that Museveni chief fixer and fisherman Balaam Barugahara has already contacted the country’s Chief Executive to fix an appointment for the meeting.

This website can authoritatively report that Rocky Giant opened a case of assault against Buchaman at Katwe Road Police Station and Buchaman could soon head behind bars.

This has made numerous celebrities to come out with the helping hands to revamp Rocky Giant faded career by offering him free music videos shoots. audios, free productions. The celebrities who came out to revise Rocky Giant career are; Nince Henry, Producer Baur, Frank Jahlive.

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