Sex for Tickets, Favoritism, Rock NUP Election Vetting

A section of dissatisfied members of the National Unity Platform party (NUP) expressed dissatisfaction on allegations that vetting committee maliciously denied them party ticket.

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NUP member from different parts of the country who competed for the party tickets in various positions, on Tuesday, stormed the party headquarters seeking justice over what they called malicious denial of the party ticket.

These councillors blamed the Elections Management Committee (EMC) which was put in place for fuelling the chaos and confusion.

Fauziya Kamara, an LC (III) Councillor aspirant in Namere and Mugalu Parishes in Luwero told Red Pepper Digital that the commission registrar in Luwero district a one Rodda practised real corruption when he asked a bribe of Shs 3million and then proceeded to hand her the party flag.

“They did not even come on ground to assess us as they promised, the woman who was given the card has never done anything for this struggle,” she said adding.

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John Matovu who is also Kamala’s husband said he saw the Luwero District NUP Registrar receiving bribes and told the party commission but nothing has been done.

“Our president Robert Kyagulanyi should know that we have Mafias in the party who are killing us silently.”

Aliziki Nakiwala, one of Kamara’s supporters with tears rolling off her cheeks said, “I am not satisfied with the way my Councillor has been handled. In fact, she has not received justice the commission did not come on the ground as it promised.”

Jimmy Abahayo, another complainant and LC III) Councillor aspirant in Bugolobi Parish accused the NUP Commission of lacking transparency.

“The way people were vetted was unfair because they told us that people who shall vet us are not familiar with us but to my surprise, four out of the nine people at the committee have been tearing my posters,” he said.

Top Leaders Investigated

The party has instituted investigations into some party officials who have been accused of extorting money and asking for sex from the aspirants in order to give them the party flag among other issues.

Among accused is Fred Nyanzi,the coordinator of informal sector in the party.
Some of the party members who were very bitter also accused Nyanzi and other officials of giving the party flag to only those close to them.
The party spokesperson,Joel Ssenyonyi, called upon all the members who allege that they were asked for money to produce evidence to ease the process of investigations.
He said investigations have already been instituted to find out those officials who have been extorting money from the candidates.
“Those with evidence should bring because such information will help us to deal with the question of corruption. Wewant to get to the bottom of these things,there might be something,”he said.

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