Pastor Yiga Lived a sinful life, impregnated and infected his Flock with HIV/AIDS

Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga has condemned deceased fellow pastor Augustine Yiga for living a sinful life and using the church to mislead his followers while on Earth.

Ssenyonga said Pastor Yiga was a comic pastor who used his church to satisfy his sexual desires, siring many children with his flock and infecting many of his followers with HIV/Aids.

“We can not be happy that he has died before confessing to God and getting saved. For the time he has spent bedridden, I want to hope that he used that opportunity to turn to Jesus,” Ssenyonga said.

Ssenyonga called Yiga a ‘comic’ pastor who used the church to sexually abuse young girls, women and impregnate them.

“He was a comic pastor who has left so many children, widows and some children even do not know he was their father. We even have other people who got infected with HIV/Aids because of unconsented sex with Yiga. My thoughts are with them.”

Ssenyonga apologized on behalf of the Pentecostal church and expressed willingness to support widows and children left behind by Yiga.

“Pastors do not behave like this, I am sorry on behalf of the church and the pastors. If there is anyone who was affected by Yiga’s bad actions, we shall do DNA tests and help whoever has remained with Yiga’s children.

Yiga had Aids according to medical reports, and he has died of AIDs related causes.”

Ssenyonga is also fault-laden, in 2008 he was arrested for allegedly fondling a 13-year-old girl while on a flight in the United States of America.

Pastor Yiga, using his TV station ABS, attacked Ssenyonga and accused him of being a devil worshiper, land grabber, extortionist, rapist, and child molester way back in 2018.

Yiga claimed that Ssenyonga grabbed land in Bwaise which was left behind by deceased Pastor Balabyekubo to help his children.

Pastor Ssenyonga denied the allegations as false and later on dragged Yiga to court.

Pasto Ssenyonga’s wars have not been with Yiga alone, in 2019, he attacked Pastor Aloysius Bugingo who had labeled him ‘a false prophet.’

Ssenyonga was also accused of booking out Namboole stadium to block an event that was being organised by Bugingo.

Pastor Bugingo in retialation accused Ssenyonga of working soo hard to fail him. Bugingo said that Ssenyonga connived with people to chase him from Bat Valley where he was holding his prayers from.

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