Police Brutality: Bukedea MP aspirant scoffs at security forces over inhumanity

Uganda Police Force has come under fire for its recent inhumane activities across the country.

Recently, one of the police officer who died three weeks ago was filmed flogging an elderly woman in Mbale, the video has since gone viral.

However, on Thursday Mbale Police Divisional Police Commander, Fred Mchanga, led the delegation that visited the old woman to ask for forgiveness.

The late Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP), Sam Okiror who beat the old woman, was attached to Mbale Central Police Station as the Field Force Commander and the video sparked outrage on social media with several people demanding police to take action on the officer.

In the video, Okiror is seen whipping the old woman who appeared to be walking to her home without provoking the police.

Stephen Ekoom, one of the MP aspirants for Bukedea County has lashed at the police to mend their acts towards humanity.


Dear my brothers and sisters in security forces, I greet you all and thank you for keeping law and order and defending our beautiful country, however, I want to comment on the infamous video that trended recently where a one senior police officer assaulted an innocent old woman, someone’s mother or grandmother and senior citizen of this country, I want to condemn the act and but also thank the police for coming out to apologize and meet the victim, the best apology is actually stopping a repeat of such an incident on any citizen

We have an image to protect as a country, such acts negatively affects our economy and costs tax payers money in law suits and making Uganda unattractive to tourists who would bring in the much needed foreign exchange!

It is always good and wise to be on the good side of the law and  history, there is life after taking off that uniform and returning the guns to the armoury, keeping law and order doesn’t mean breaking the law for order, two wrongs have never made a right!

We know there are alot of good police officers and soldiers, there are just some bad apples that need to be disciplined and weeded out according to the law, let’s respect law and human rights, together we can build a better Uganda, where the police is a true friend to the community, like our principal Bobi Wine alias Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu sung in the popular song “Afande”, at NUP we are not fighting you, we are legally fighting for you and many others, stay safe and stay blessed our gallant officers and soldiers!

Ekoom Stephen NUP Candidate Bukedea County MP

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