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Police Detains 4 for Using Money to Decorate Valentine’s Day Flowers

Police in Malawi have arrested four people for using bank notes to decorate Valentine’s Day bouquets.

Photos of the roses wrapped in 2,000 kwacha notes – worth about $2.60 or £1.90 – went viral on WhatsApp groups in the southern African country on Sunday.

Malawi central bank’s senior investigation office Emmanuel Malasa said his office had been carrying out joint operations with the police to arrest people for wilfully damaging bank notes.

The bank has previously said it is costly to replace worn out ones.

Police say that those arrested in Blantyre stand accused of the “unlawful use of currency” and may be liable for a fine of up to 5bn kwacha ($6.4m, £4.6m) if found guilty.

All four have pleaded their innocence.

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