Prominent Teso Journalist cheats death by a whisker

A renown Teso Journalist and a former employee at Continental FM, Vincent Odong on Wednesday morning survived being run on by a government vehicle when he was on his way back from Mbale.

Odong was riding on a motorbike when the vehicle that belongs to one of the district officials in the region drove to him with an aim of ending his life.

The former love doctor declined to reveal the official or district but says he will expose them through relevant authorities.

Odong adds that he knows all those trying to end his life but refused to disclosed why they want him dead.

However, close ‘whispers’ say that Odong has been ‘Ntangalising’ someone’s wife. But Odong while commenting on the matter, refuted the claims saying that these are just allegations to hide the real reason behind his death threats.

He adds that his political introduction has caused a huge turmoil.

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