URA pledges to pardon Taxpayers on penalties, interests through voluntary disclosure

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Commissioner General Mr. John Rujoki Musinguzi, has revealed that the tax body will waive penalties for taxpayers who will come out to voluntarily declare the taxes that they were supposed to pay but didn’t pay it.

URA usually does audits to catch tax cheats. When one is caught, they pay heavy fines and interest on the money they had hidden from the tax body. The voluntary disclosure window means one avoids the audits.

Officials said the voluntary disclosure will be supported by the new smart business solutions including — the Digital Tracking Solution, and the Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing System (EFRIS).

It is for this agenda that an Integrated Communication and Marketing Campaign dubbed “KAKASA; – You’re in charge” has been designed.

Through the promotion of the KAKASA campaign, URA will help usher in a new approach to doing business, allowing businessmen and women across Uganda to take full charge of their business destiny – from production, importation, consumption and through to record keeping.

Uganda’s tax-to-GDP ratio remains low at just 13 per cent with the wide belief that many people and businesses are not paying their fair share of tax to the government.

Voluntary disclosure is one of the initiatives that the tax collector wants to use to get more businesses and people pay what they are supposed to pay.

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