Serere County MP ‘Bishop’ Okabe Dumps a Bible For Witchcraft, Punches Opponent (VIDEO)

The NRM party primary elections scheduled for this Friday (4th August 2020) are heating up with aspirants doing everything they can to win the race.

In other districts, some aspirants have started running to the NRM electorate asking them to annul the opponents’ nomination due to reasons best known to them.

In Serere County, the incumbent, Bishop Patrick Okabe is allegedly spearheading the ‘witchdoctors’.

Samuel Otaala aka Emong Isera (the bull of Serere), an NRM parliamentary candidate for Serere County on Tuesday night got into a fight with his Okabe who also doubles as a bishop overseeing Impact Ministries and the incumbent.

According to the eye witnesses, this brawl ensured after Otaala found Okabe and his team parked at the entrance to his home in Ojama, Kyere Sub-county in Serere county.

This angered Otaala who accuses the man of God of repeatedly coming to his home entrance and kneeling on a white mat and performing rituals.

In an audio that revealed Otaala explaining the altercation, young people in the background are heard saying Okabe is a top witch.

Otaala reported the case to Ocaapa Police station where he was given a medical form.

“We saw 4 vihicles standing infront of my gate, I quickly recognized Okabe’s car, with a one a Noah and the ambulance while Okabe was kneeling down on a white piece of cloth performing rituals,” teary Otaala said.

He added thus “I went back and told some people to come and see what the Bishop is doing. As I went to ask what he was doing, he jumped and held me as his security personel punched my eye,”

Otaala is currently receiving medical treatment.

Its not yet established what the man of God was doing in front of Otaala’s home in the wee hours of the night with four cars and his campaign team.

But during his 2016 Election petition his political rival, Opio Joseph Linos accused Okabe of bringing witchdoctors to Court during the hearings to try and confuse the judge and the witnesses.

“One day one of his supporters came to court with a head of a dead snake and kept pointing it at me when I was on the dock testifying,” Opio alleged then.

Okabe faces an uphill task to retain his seat after questions of his academic qualifications arose. Kampala Sqoop understands that, the issue of Okabe forging academic documents has been forwarded to the CIID Kibuli for a possible prosecution.

It’s understood that a fortnight ago NIRA arrested Okabe for having a fake National ID and he stayed in the coolers in Jinja road police until he was bailed out.

Efforts to get a comment from Bishop Okabe were futile.

NOTE: The videos uploaded here are in Ateso dialect.

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