Sheebah Karungi finally opens up about her sex life 

For over a very long period of time, there have been rumors suggesting how TNS songstress Sheebah Karungi and her manager Jeff Kiwa are an item in terms of relationship.

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Though there is no proof of the allegations and since the singer has always denied the rumors, her fans have consistently continued to wonder who could really be harvesting her since she is ripe corn.

Well, the answer to that question seems to have been officially replied to by the singer on her Facebook page through the comment section after a fan questioned who could be chewing her.

The “Nakyuka” singer replied by revealing how she chews herself a statement that could earn her a new title very soon in the entertainment industry.

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Before she revealed this, a few months back Sheebah showed her playful side when she told a fun to join Entania Mutoni as yet another co-wife to Jeff Kiwa.

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