Sipapa Mercilessly Shoots People Power Staff at NUP Headquarters

Socialite Charles Olim popularly known to many as Sipapa has this evening allegedly attacked National Unity Platform headquarters in Kamwokya and fired bullets.

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According to sources, Sipapa shot at the NUP offices injuring one staff at the gate.

Some of the candidates who were vetted

“Today we were being vetted as Parliamentary candidates for Bugisu and Serere, this man as always, was passing by and an altercation occurred between him and the people power boys outside, in the process he pulled his pistol and shot three times. And then he was later joined by police who came to stop the fight, and the shot tear gas inside the pp offices disrupting the whole vetting process,” a source said.

This is the second time in a space of less than a month that Sipapa is raiding the NUP headquarters with firearms. The first time when he struck Chairman Nyanzi’s building opposite Orient bank; he was never summoned by the police to explain his motives and to-date he remains at large with no hopes of having him charged since he remains a darling to the regime due to the missions he expedites for the state.

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