Soroti leaders fail to agree on boundaries again!

On July 1, the government operationalised Soroti City along with nine others following approval by the Parliament.

The cities have now commenced operations but the boundaries of Soroti City, since its inauguration on August 10, have remained a bone of contention among the public.

The electoral areas in the lower administration units of the city that include Aloet ward (formerly in  Arapai Sub-county,  Orwadai  (formerly in Soroti Sub-county), Agora and Agama (formerly in Lale Sub-county) , have equally remained unclear.

The case, which is before Soroti High court judge Wilson Musalu Musene has hit another snag after the two parties failed to reach a harmony agreement.

Justice Musene considered the two parties to enter into a consent agreement after it emerged that Aloet ward, Arapai ward, Opiyai ward and Orwadai belonged to Soroti East not West, that was how parliament and Soroti district council had approved before another letter from the ministry of local government was issued indicating that the above places were part of Soroti East.

The five aggrieved people who petitioned the court include Michael Enyagu, Robert Onanyang, Stephen Erienyu, Patrick Ejelu and Brian Omoding.

Through their lawyer Leonard Otte petitioned the court to halt the activities of the Electoral Commission nominating candidates until correct boundaries were established. Undeniably, court granted that wish until last week when the same court lifted pending the disposal of the petition.

The judge allowed the Commission to resume with the nomination of candidates that ended today on grounds that they will not temper with the boundaries.

Meanwhile the petitioner’s lawyer Ottee has asked the court to amend the case and include the attorney general and the minister for local government Raphael Magyezi so that the boundaries saga is clarified.

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