Suspect makes shocking confession about his ‘head business’

Joseph Nuwashaba, a suspect who was earlier arrested with a head of a human being at parliament has confessed that the head with which he has been found is a delivery he deliberately attempted to bring to one of the prominent MPs.

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Police identified the minor as a Three-Year-Old Faith Kyamagero, daughter of Charles Ssenyonga of Kyabakuza division in Masaka City.

This confession erases the lingering question of ‘why the heavily guarded parliament’ of all places the suspect chose to deliver his package.

The 22-year-old, a resident of Masaka also says he has been sacrificing for the past one year and has so far killed about 8 minors.

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A source in the security says they are yet to establish which legislator had ordered for the said human head.

In Africa, sacrificing animals and humans is a trend among the traditionalists who think they have to appease the ‘gods’ with blood to be rewarded. With the elections approaching, it is very possible for politicians especially incumbents to do anything including ‘ offering human sacrifices’ just to retain their seats.

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