Teso Coach Proprietor Succumbs to COVID-19

The proprietor of Teso Coach Buses Faustine Etilu has reportedly succumbed to COVID-19.
Etilu breathed his last this morning at Malugo ICU ward, his brother Jovans Peter Odikor has confirmed.

Etilu is a prominent businessman in Teso who owns a series of multimillion businesses.

Etilu has been admitted at Soroti Referral Hospital after he was confirmed to have contracted deadly Coronavirus.

However, yesterday, his condition deteriorated prompting the Soroti medical team to put him on oxygen. The Hospital ran out of oxygen cylinders and subsequently, transferred him to Mulago Hospital at night.

In the last 4 days, more than 10 prominent people have tested positive including; FDC presidential flag bearer Patrick Amuriat’s father mzee Amuriat who is also said to be admitted. Others are Soroti mayor contestant Peter Ojur, Soroti LCV Chairperson Gregory Egunyu etc.

As of November 10, Uganda’s cumulative Covid-19 cases were now 14,574. The country had also registered 133 deaths  and 7,771 patients had recovered.

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