Bobi Wine puts Pakwach to a standstill

The National Unity Platform party candidate Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine has lit up the mood in the West Nile district of Pakwach. Just this morning as he launched his campaign, he was cheered by a wave of supporters who defiantly braved the security restraints and made it to the venue in Pakwach town.

Police had spent the morning on the streets with RDCs taking to radio stations to warn people against attending Bobi’s rallies. In one of the radio programmes, one RDC was quoted saying he would liaise with the village level chairpersons and spot for those who would attend Bobi’s rallies. “I want to warn all of you againsy attending Kyagulanyi’s rallies,” the RDC warned. “Anyone spotted on the rallies will face it roughly. I have deployed my spies so stand warned,” he added.

Upon arrival to West Nile, several hotel owners and lodge operators were asked not to host Kyagulanyi’s entourage and in fact majority spent the night in their vehicles. Businesses across Pakwach town were also instructed to close earlier than the curfew hours in a bid to bar Bobi’s entourage from accessing necessities. Mugerwa Mark, one of the aides of the NUP candidate told this reporter that they had to brave the hunger throughout the night as local traders were swept off the streets even before curfew time. “We didn’t eat anything all night,” he says. “No street vendors were visbile by the time we arrived at 18:00hrs,” he adds.

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