The Fashion Revolution Expo 2nd Edition: Exquisite Designs to be showcased at the event

Fashion enthusiast to witness exquisite designs at the 2nd edition of The Fashion Revolution Expo, which will be held virtually in December 6.

Launched in 2019, The Fashion Revolution Expo is a movement that supports, develops, promotes and establishes people in arts and fashion, by giving them a platform to reach a global market.

In addition, the movement has been able to foresee the birth of several projects including; ‘The 2019 fashion runway expo,’ and ‘The 2020 Duh-Tah fashion house’ launch among others.

Vivianna Zoe-Girl,Founder of the Fashion Revolution Expo revealed that, “We are excited to host the 2nd edition of The Fashion Revolution Expo running around the theme: “Dipped in Fashion.”

Vivianna Zoe-Girl, the brains behind The Fashion Revolution Expo.

Bronzed in Beauty and Elegance, which is intended to foster talent and skill among young, passionate and artistic designers.”

She further said that, “Fashion is among the industries that have shaped conversations not only in Uganda but world over, with fashion trends emerging every now and then, thus presenting a lucrative avenue for individuals to explore as the industry continues to mark its presence on the international scene.”

Vivianna however noted that meaningful partnerships need to manifest continuously if it’s realization is to be met.

Unique designs will be showchased at the event come December 6.

“Uganda’s fashion industry is one that has greatly evolved given that we can now compete globally, and also take part in some of the prominent runways world over. With the global pandemic hitting the world, imports from Uganda’s largest business hubs like China, and other trading regions was halted, which set a clear indication that we needed to harness the manufacture of locally made products to meet the market demand, and that includes the clothes we wear, not forgetting other goods and services.”

Some of the key event sponsors are; DSPD Enterprises (4th Street wine, Amarula, Savanna and Four Cousins), Cymbell Advocates, EF Partners and Swangz Avenue among others.

The event is set to be graced by renowned personalities from the fashion industry who will showcase their designs, plus revelers will be treated to entertainment from sensational saxophonist, Jose Sax.

The 2nd edition of The Fashion Revolution Expo will comprise of a runway with presentations highlighting designers’ collections with inspiration drawn mostly from fashion, beauty and elegance as well as youth and female empowerment.

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