The truth about Bobi Wine’s education and why he will appear on the ballot

By Stephen Okhutu

OPINION: Bobi Wine, a darling of the people power supporters is under attack by a section of the community who accuse him of not qualifying for presidency on ground that he did not complete A Level. (See attached image).

This is my opinion on why I think Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) qualifies for presidency and why the Electoral Commission must put him on the ballot paper, contrary to what Mabirizi thinks.

  1. The law requires a minimum education of A Level or it’s equivalent for one to be elected as a president
  2. The law requires A Level not senior six. The two are completely different. Read again!
  3. The onus of proof on whether one sat A Level lies on UNEB and for equivalency, it lies on the National Council for Higher Education. Not on the Electoral Commission or Robert Kyagulanyi.
  4. According to practises, UNEB does not examine based on the years one spent in school but the ability to pass exams. Case study; With Functional adult education, a person can sit PLE even when he didn’t complete the 7 years in primary. Same is with O level and A Level. This system is actually respected by UNEB and recognized the legal framework in Uganda as a good practice. Am sure, Mabirizi being a lawyer, he is required by practice to be learned and should therefore be able to know this.

Issues; When you say Bobi did not complete the two years at A Level, on which enabling law are you relying your augment on if you don’t consult the education laws?

What is your motive to petition the electoral commission against a person who has not even been nominated when you can petition the body which issued the documents which you are contesting? Did UNEB deny the certificate in the first place?

I would advise my friend Male Mabirizi to get learned about the operations of UNEB.

In case the letter attached to this post is authentic anyway. Otherwise I have no liability on the content of this image. It’s just an internet image of which I have no claim.

Or perhaps he is just doing his Job? I said Job!

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