We Can’t Allow Hooligans To Take Over Our Country! Basajjamivule Stings People Power

Veteran Political journalist Abbey Ssewakiryanga alias Basajja Mivule has conituned to sting People Power supporters after he was recently roasted on social media for claiming that Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine cannot replace President Yoweri Museveni in the 2021 elections.

Mivule in a Facebook live video said God still wants Museveni to rule the country adding that people power is full of “hooligans” and “homosexuals” who are morally lame.

“President Museveni will not leave office only to be replaced with this bunch of rogues, imbeciles, drug addicts and homosexuals. We deserve better as a country and we cannot afford to look on as our country heads into an unprecedented turmoil even God himself won’t allow that to happen,” he ranted.

However during an interview with NBS TV’s Uncut show on Wednesday, Basajjamivule disclosed that when he said that People Power had homosexuals, he specifically meant blogger Peng Peng but not his boss Bobi Wine.

He also maintained that People Power is full of hooligans who don’t want you to talk against their leader.

“I wonder why when you talk about their leader, they roast you, they make it to seem illegal to talk about him, we are going to fight that thinking. When you talk about People Power, they pelt you with stones to death. We cannot accept that. You see the photos the bad posts and photos of me putting on dresses among others, that’s very childish. We cannot allow such people to take over our country,” Mivule said.

“I have no issues with Bobi Wine. When I said that a person who attacks others, a homosexual, I was meaning Peng Peng but some people turned it around to make it look like I was meaning Bobi Wine.”

However, although he has defended himself, the People Power online army is not ready to let him go scoff free without feeling their pinch to the maximum.

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