Tycoon Caught Chewing Married Woman, Runs Naked in Town as Crowd Cheer

A prominent businessman in the Eastern district of Butaleja left members of the public with rib aches when he ran through Busolwe Town Council naked after being netted live bonking a neighbors’ wife.

Mohammed Kadomolo, a prominent businessman in the town Council was found with the neighbors’ wife in a lodge by the husband after a tip off. Kadomolo has taxis that ply the Butaleja Mbale route, has shops and butcheries in Busolwe Town Council.

The drama that happened on Saturday 14th at about 6:00pm is still the talk of town.

Imran Hamba, an eye witness says that Kadomolo, convinced a one Betty, wife to Salim Badiru, for sex in one of the small lodges within Busolwe Town Council.

Things went bad however when a boda boda cyclist who preferred anonymity leaked the information to Salim that his wife had been taken to the lodge by the tycoon.


Salim called the police and also mobilized residents to help him in apprehending the sex pest.

When Kadomolo was busted, he managed to run through the same people who had come to arrest him, knocking a couple of them in the process.

Having gotten out of the lodge, Kadomolo who had no time to get dressed ran through town naked amidst noise from the public towards Mbale road.

The nakedness was still not enough to get him sympathy, as both the police and residents gave chase. A sprinted Kadomolo however, outran all of them until he reached Nakuyiga swamp where he hid from.

The chase was stopped because it started raining and it was also getting dark.

The cheating wife, Betty received some slaps from the husband before she was returned to the village.

Various people have condemned such gross immorality and want the errant tycoon to be arrested and prosecuted.

Attempts by this reporter to get the SD Reference number of the case from Busolwe police station failed because the police refused to give the number and any other information.

Meanwhile, Police in Butaleja has raised concern over the increase in the cases of domestic violence in the district.

Wilson Sembela, the O\C of Kangalabba police post, Himutu Sub County says that child negligence, fights between husbands and wives have increased, identifying lack of respect for one another, impatience, and cheating as the lead causes of the violence.

The officer revealed that he registers at least 10 cases of violence per week.

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