UCU students to write exams inside churches as reopening nears

Uganda Christian University is to deliver examination papers to churches for students staying in hard to reach areas without internet access.

Since the government declared the lockdown following the outbreak of Covid-19, this is the second time UCU is attempting to give out examinations to its finalists.

The first attempt was cancelled by the government questioning its mode of setting, supervision and accessibility by students.

Now according to the deputy vice chancellor in charge of academic affairs Rev. Dr John Kitayimbwa, after consulting with students in different parts of the country with low internet connect, they suggested that the university deliver papers to churches under various dioceses for easier access.

He notes that the rest of the students with internet access shall receive examinations from the university official online platforms stressing that all papers shall be written as a take home instead of being written online.

About supervision of papers to avoid examination mal-practice, Dr Kitayimbwa reveals that they have set situational questions that do not calls for facts but require students to undertake practical activities.

He explains that this will give them no chance of copying already written answers; the examination desk has also ensured installation of plagiarism detection programs to ensure proper assessment before awarding of marks.

The university is sure that by September 15 all students will have access to examinations that are expected to go on for a full month.

Before the lockdown was relaxed in May, over 300 students from UCU had chosen to stay in various hostels to complete their final examinations before returning home but the program was cancelled  by the government.

Ruth Akwir, a fourth-year student of agricultural sciences and entrepreneurship skills together with Fred Atuhera, a third-year business student among others who had stayed in the hostels noted that it would be very difficult for them to write examinations at home since they lack gadgets such as computers, smart phones and internet in their home areas.


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