Uganda Bettors Association teach motorbike dude how to bet, wins his first VIP ticket

A man who has been making headlines on Kampala Sqoop for selling his bike to bet and lost Shs3.5m has finally won his first bet after receiving his first VIP selection from the Uganda Bettors Association.

Isaac Olokojo, 28 couldn’t hide his joy and immediately called Our reporter to reveal how he was told to stake Shs75,000 and now he has won Shs800,000.

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“My brother, these guys of betting association called me yesterday and sent me games to bet, they told me to put 100k but I was scared and told them that I can never bet anything more than 20k, they convinced me that they were sure of the games and asked to trust them, I told them I would put 50k but they convinced me to put at least 70k. the ticket won and am so happy! I wish I had put 100k like they said, I would be having a million plus now,” he said.

He adds that he is now going to trust the members on any odds they give him and bet any amount they tell him since they are the experts. He says that he is now going to save until he buys a taxi.

When contacted, the chairman of the association (eastern Uganda) said that they are going to do their best to see that Olokojo recovers his money and also makes lots of profits since they have games for him every week.

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To join the association please send a WhatsApp message to +256759473048

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