Ugandans celebrate the fall of Anite (Read comments)

We have different types of celebrations in this world, one can become joyful after hitting a jackpot, maybe another after getting engaged, or maybe getting promoted at work etc.

However, it was not a matter of hitting a jackpot or getting promoted this time, it was the fall of the State Minister for Investment and Privatization in the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development, Evelyn Anite who was on top of her voice shouting that ‘We have the majje’ during the age limit debate that saw the constitution amended to favor President Museveni to rule for life.

Anite got a shock of her life after learning that the political newcomer Dr Charles Ayume  trounced her in Koboko where she earlier on the day lamented that she is the gateway to Koboko in the NRM Primaries.

Read some of the comments below

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  1. The issue of the youth unemployment, if not carefully handled, its like a time bomb to the entire nation, it has influenced the voting patterns in the country.
    Secondly people have known their rights and now they are beginning to ask for accountability from their members of parliament, so the lesson for next parliamentarians,is to go and perform and represent their people well not their personal interests first

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