UPC resolves to campaign for Amuriat after being endorsed as FDC Presidential flag bearer 

By Roman Ogole

For the first, the Political parties in Teso are putting their political differences aside to rally support for Eng. Patrick Oboi Amuriat bid for presidential race.

This afternoon at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Chairperson Ambassador Wasswa Biriggwa pulled out of the race and endorsed Amuriat as the party flag bearer ahead of 2021 presidential elections.

Biriggwa’s withdrawal leaves Amuriat unchallenged to lead FDC into the race for Uganda’s next president.

Uganda People’s Congress party (UPC) Regional Mobiliser Carl Peters Emukoki said as the opposition in Teso they are ready to campaign and rally behind Amuriat in the forthcoming elections.

“This will enter the history of Uganda since colonial times for a candidate coming from Eastern Uganda to contest as presidential candidates, so let all the other opposition political parties put aside their differences and support their own,” said Emukoki.

Emukoki said, Teso as a region missed having had a president for way back in September 1960 when British were preparing to hand over the instrument of powers to Uganda for self-government, which however was turned down by late John Cuthbert Obwangor.

“Now this is an opportunity and as a political party UPC we shall champion and rally behind Amuriat, he has already my vote and votes of UPC,” Emukoki adds.

Meanwhile, the Kumi district FDC chairperson, and also LC- 3 FDC flag bearer for Kanyum Sub County Abdullah Ebokoriat Ebok is delighted, saying that it will be the first time Etesot is running for such a big position.

Calls have been made for the opposition in Uganda to field a single candidate to vie against incumbent and National Resistance Movement (NRM) chairman Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

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