Witch doctor in trouble after being found with campaign posters

A witch doctor in Abim town council is in trouble after being found with campaign posters of various political contenders.

Yahaya Kungu, who is believed to be from Budaka district was found with the campaign posters of key political leaders in his shrine in Angwee village in Angwee parish. Bosco Lomeri, the area LC I Chairperson, says angry residents stormed Kungu’s shrine on Thursday morning after receiving reports that numerous people were frequenting his shrine seeking powers to overcome their rivals.

According to Lomeri, the residents demanded to know how the authorities permitted Kungu to operate in the area.

The angry residents accused some of their leaders and supporters of practicing sorcery against their political rivals.

Those whose campaign posters were found in Kungu’s shrine include Lamunu Paska, a candidate for the Abim District Woman MP seat, Godfrey Omara Debeckas, who contested in the NRM primaries for the LC V chairperson’s seat and Michael Ayepa, the incumbent Labwor County MP among others.

Kungu, who is currently locked up at Abim central police station, said he is a native doctor who only helps people with minor health problems.

He also denied claims that he obtained the posters to help politicians through sorcery to defeat their rivals, saying he found the posters when he rented the house.

Godfrey Debecus Omara, one of the persons whose posters were found in the shrine accused his political rivals of being behind the act.

Michael Ayepa, the area MP whose campaign posters were also found in the shrine castigated the act, saying it could have been a ploy by his political nemesis.

He argued that as a true Christian he doesn’t believe in witch craft.

The Abim Resident District Commissioner, Samuel Mpimbaza Hashaka condemned the incident and wondered why members of the public still resort to sorcery in this era and age even for health conditions that are manageable at health facilities.

Hashaka warned members of the public to desist from engaging in witchcraft since the act isn’t only illegal but also detrimental to society, a wastage of resources, time and money.     According to the Penal Code Act, practicing witchcraft is illegal in Uganda and any person found guilty of the offense is liable to imprisonment of 10 years upon conviction.


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